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Alta collection with 4 products
Alta 4 products    
Arroyo collection with 1 products
Arroyo 1 product 1  
Blossom collection with 9 products
Blossom 9 products    
Core Collection collection with 33 products
Core Collection 33 products Best Seller    
Décor  collection with 4 products
Décor 4 products    
Ginkgo collection with 10 products
Ginkgo 10 products    
Helios collection with 6 products
Helios 6 products    
Helyx collection with 10 products
Helyx 10 products Best Seller 2  
Ibiza collection with 10 products
Ibiza 10 products Best Seller    
Northstar collection with 6 products
Northstar 6 products    
Omega collection with 7 products
Omega 7 products    
Orion collection with 7 products
Orion 7 products    
Paloma collection with 15 products
Paloma 15 products    
Santa Fe collection with 8 products
Santa Fe 8 products 1  
Sierra collection with 10 products
Sierra 10 products Best Seller 1  
Silhouette collection with 6 products
Silhouette 6 products    
Symphony collection with 8 products
Symphony 8 products    
Valencia collection with 4 products
Valencia 4 products    
Versa collection with 11 products
Versa 11 products    

Company Profile
Mary Jurek Design, Inc. is a Los Angeles based luxury goods company that creates and distributes fine tableware and home design products to retail stores throughout the United States. Founded in 1998 by award winning jewelry and watch artisan Mary Jurek, the company juxtaposes hand-hammered stainless steel with a soft, organic flare...... Read More