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About William Yeoward
William Yeoward Crystal is a wonderful collection of the finest handmade and hand cut crystal. A chance meeting brought Timothy Jenkins, third generation crystal designer and maker with a family owned crystal business, founded in 1901, and William Yeoward together in 1995. They quickly found that they shared a passion for the beautiful crystal of the 18th and 19th centuries and both wished that these magnificent pieces could once again grace the great dining rooms of our time.

The collection is all made by hand, using traditional tools and methods which helps to preserve the appearance of antique originals. To complete one glass takes many hours of highly skilled work. The collection contains some of the most beautiful and unusual designs inspired by pieces from this period of fine English and Irish crystal makers.

The beauty and appeal of the collection and the originality of the pieces has been widely recognised and William Yeoward Crystal can now be found in some of the finest stores in the globe hence William Yeoward Crystal being referred to as the world’s most glamorous crystal.

William Yeoward Country is a collection of beautifully designed handmade glass, pieces that have been designed to bring greater enjoyment to our day-to-day lives. The collection is based on simplicity and integrity in form and function – completely handmade, honest craftsmanship, the pieces and shapes we actually need.

Country is a stylish and practical alternative for use at breakfast, lunch on the terrace or dinner around the kitchen table. The shapes are simple and functional but have all been created with great attention to detail so that they are not just useful but are also beautiful in themselves. There is a pleasing harmony in the flowing lines of the different pieces; the serving pieces are comfortable to hold and the drinking glasses have antique style handmade rims – more durable and much better looking!

Country creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation of sunshine and flowers, good food, good wine and good company; the generously proportioned serving peices, decanters and glasses speak of great hospitality, unhurried enjoyment and enduring memories. William Yeoward Country – perfect for every day.

American Bar
William Yeoward’s American Bar collection of contemporary handmade drinking glass for the bar evokes the style and glamour of the 1920s and 1930s when the new experience of Cocktails and Jazz was all the rage.

With America in Prohibition, the fashionable places to see and be seen were the American Bars that proliferated across the Grand Hotels of Europe.

The present day sees a new passion for Cocktails and Mixology; these drinks take time and skill to create – they deserve a beautiful glass!