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The Pickard China story dates back to 1893 when Wilder Pickard established the company in Edgerton, Wisconsin. At the turn of the 20th century, Pickard was moved to Chicago where the company specialized in hand-painted art pieces and dessert and tea sets. Artists from the famed Art Institute of Chicago and all over Europe came to Chicago to decorate one of a kind ceramic pieces. These early pieces... Read more about Pickard China »

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The New York Times covers the Obama's new state china created by PickardInspiration From Hawaii in the Obamas’ White House ChinaBy JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVISAPRIL 27, 2015WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama may be the first first lady whose nail polish matched her White House china service.Mrs. Obama did not appear publicly on Monday when the White House previewed the new state china she has chosen, which will be used on Tuesday at a state dinner honoring Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan.But when she dropped by a private unveiling for a handful of décor mavens last week — documented by a White House videographer and posted on the official White House website on Monday — Mrs. Obama’s teal-colored manicure matched the border on her china service.To put her own stamp on the dinnerware, the first lady ...
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