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About J Fleet Designs
J. FLEET DESIGNS offers a wholesale collection of exquisite home accessories in luxurious colors and unique designs using the ancient Vietnamese handicraft of lacquerware. Our collections are sold in luxury stores around the world. We also create exquisite custom pieces for spas, hotels and museums. An amazing feature of our trays and bowls is that they are both decorative and functional -- you can serve hot and cold food on them and they wash easily.

What sets J. Fleet Designs apart from other Asian lacquerware producers is our ability to create luxurious colors and beautiful designs through painstaking attention to detail. Our process, based on ancient technique, is all done by hand. Nothing is mass produced or machine-made. Each piece has 15-20 coats of lacquer and is created through 100 days of patience and hard work by talented, dedicated artists. Our luxurious colors and designs are made by layering foils and hand-mixed lacquer colors. We also use the traditional arts of mother-of-pearl inlay, burning and inlaying cracked eggshell. The rich variations in color and texture that occur in creating our lacquerware make each piece uniquely beautiful and a treasure to own.

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