About Grant Dawson

As with any great endeavor, the story behind the creative forces at work in developing Grant Dawson Collections is rich in dedication, passion, and persistence. As founders, we have a synergy that goes far beyond traditional boundaries. Grant, Sheri’s maiden name, and Dawson, Cindy’s family name, served as the foundation for the name of the company. Every detail is considered important and meaningful. Our passion lies with our love and empathy for helping and healing those in need; and our previous experience and success in the field of decorative and fine arts were the expression of our need to create.

Love of animals has always been something we have in common, and it is the gradual absorption of information that has been the true motivating factor in creating the endangered species line. Research of endangered species shows the major factors in their decline are habitat loss and unsustainable capture for the pet trade. Almost always it is human actions that have brought about devastation to the inhabitants of our planet. We are now living in the age of information, and yet there is so much of which we are not aware. If our company can touch people by bringing about an awareness and thoughtfulness of the effect of our actions within this life, we can make a difference in our futures. We can be reflections of change. Our mission is to be the voice for those who must be heard.

Conservation, preservation, and education…beginning with our initial launch of decorative home accessories using sustainable and recycled materials, we are “reflections of change.”

About the Company
In addition to species awareness, we strive to bring about environmental change by giving back more than we take from this Earth. Our decision to use socially and environmentally responsible standards reflects our commitment towards this goal, personally and professionally. We use sustainable and recycled materials whenever possible,, thereby setting a standard of quality, integrity, and authenticity.

We have earned the prestigious Silver Exemplary status of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), a non-profit coalition of industry leaders committed to promoting sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry by raising awareness among consumers and buyers. We believe these practices play a critical role in maintaining a healthy balance between environmental conservation, social equity, and economic development. In support of this goal, a portion of our profits will be donated back to the SFC to help carry out this mission.

“Reflections of Change” is about reflecting on the past to see where we have been, how we got here, and where we will choose to go in the future. Our hope is to bring about progressive change, so that when we reflect back many years from now, we can say, “Okay, we did make a difference.”

Social Equity Code of Conduct
Employee Well-being: Grant Dawson will protect and preserve the fundamental rights of employees, promote positive employee treatment and contribute to employee quality of life.

Quality of Life: Grant Dawson will work with public and private institutions to improve educational, cultural, and socioeconomic well being in the communities in which the company operates and in society at large.

Business Ethics: Grant Dawson will support the protection of human rights with the company’s sphere of influence and will promote honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of doing business.

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